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Working To Reform Marijuana Laws

Representative Andy Jorgensen

Source: From a news report dated Dec 7th, 2011.

Project Vote Smart indicates he DOES NOT support decriminalize the possession and private use of certain illegal drugs such as marijuana,

In 2009-2010 this legislator and his office did not express support of medical marijuana during lobbying efforts

“Rep. Andy Jorgensen (D-Fort Atkinson) said when he first took office five years ago, he was not in favor of medical marijuana, stating the idea concerned him. However, since then Jorgensen has changed his mind after hearing from constituents who felt medical marijuana should be legalized for those with cancer, vision loss or other debilitating diseases.

Within two days, 15 of Jorgensen’s constituents contacted him, all in support of the proposed bill. “At the end of the day, the compassionate part of me sees the point of view and apparently I’m not alone,” he said.

Jorgensen said he does not want to see Wisconsin become the next California in terms of medical marijuana and pointed out the restrictions offered in the proposed bill, which is based on a measure passed by Michigan. The District 37 representative said he is taking his time before deciding on how he will vote if the proposal comes before lawmakers. Jorgensen said he would likely not make a choice until after a public hearing.