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Representative Leon Young

"I am contacting you as a college student who strongly believes in the legalization of marijuana. I have been following the JRMMA in Wisconsin since it was proposed. I read through the articles and found that I should email my representatives about supporting the act. I took the prewritten email that the site gave me and added my own word and sent it to as many representatives as I could, hoping they would hear me out and do some research of their own to undoubtedly come to the conclusion that marijuana should be medically legal. So far I have gotten one response, from Rep. Leon Young. who sent me this:

    Dear [redacted],

    I appreciate the information that you have provided and I will supportfor medical reason that Marijuana be used as a medication.

I looked at the Wisconsin Legislators' Position list and noticed that Rep. Young was not listed at in support of. I was hoping this could at least change his status."

Thank You,