Madison NORML

Working To Reform Marijuana Laws

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting positive legal, social, and political change with information and action in support of cannabis (marijuana) and the many adults who use it.

At Wisconsin NORML, we are leading the fight for commonsense regulation of the most useful plant ever known to mankind - cannabis.

  • We stand for the protected medicinal use of marijuana by patients in Wisconsin who need safe access to their medicine.

  • We stand for the industrial use of hemp to provide food, fuel, and fiber for America and a viable cash crop for Wisconsin farmers.

  • We stand for the regulated private use of cannabis by adults.

  • Most importantly, we work to reform state and federal laws regarding marijuana and bring an end to the harassment, arrest, and imprisonment of responsible taxpaying American citizens.

What You Can Do

Step #1: Contact Your Officials
Let your elected representatives know you're serious about marijuana law reform in our state.

Step #2: Become a NORML Member
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Step #3: Promote Wisconsin NORML
Become a member, tell your friends, family and co-workers about us, stay informed and get cool stuff. We protect your personal information.

Step #4: Attend Meetings /Upcoming Events
Interact with like-minded citizens working for real change in the state of Wisconsin.

Step #5: Donate
It doesn't get any easier than this. Become a member now and stay informed. We protect your personal information.

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